Qubic India provides with comprehensive solution to help business offload non- core operational aspects at an affordable cost. It’s model created to enable SME’s scale up with minimum operational overhead. We provide with an ecosystem to manage entire back office operation e.g. hiring, staffing, payroll and the like.

At Qubic India we define a model to leverage our resources and expertise across the board with all the clients where you may not need a full-time employment to address your needs. Ecosystem can be further enhanced to cater to specific client requirement

Ignited with a vision to explore innovations in business operational model. Today the pace of change is exponential creating an imperative for the organisations to be proactive in their vision and to build a long term competitive advantage. We at Qubic India believe in using technology in a way that can help organisations focus on their core strengths rather than focusing on the other aspects of the business. The focus of Qubic India is to provide HR support by providing HR Incubation backend platform with start-up companies/ SME’s/SBU’s / Micro-Corporates. We focus on providing a complete ecosystem of end to end HR activities and cater to the clients according to their requirement.

This is in tune with the recent scenario, the mantra of “Make in India” which has set a new innovative vision to enable Indian entrepreneurs boom as successful Start-Ups, and so we Qubic India as an another “Make in India” entrepreneur offer our support to be apart of every possible Start-Ups & SME’s successful story.